Muziek 20 juni 2019 20:30 Podium door Prinsenkwartier

Name of the programme: Journey of Truth

MARDHYS plays deep shit! Exotic rhythms and ethnic melodies swirl into your heart inviting you to expand your current cultural belonging. Whether you dig the seductive and warming Spanish touch of summer, or prefer a tinge of upbeat folky trad beats about dirty old men – they’ll probably meet you eye to eye somewhere down the line.

Together with 3 other London based musicians, the Dutch songwriter Melatti Braam creates a tapestry of compositions, woven mainly from various cultural influences. She seeks connection through manifesting her raw emotions and thought provoking experiences within the songs.

MARDHYS plays a contemporary interpretation of Folk Music, in which genres such as jazz, world music and blues are brought together to form: Hybrid Folk. The band usually performs in intimate settings but are also reaching out to the European festival scene.

Since autumn 2019 MARDHYS is in the preproduction phase of their first album, working alongside Marcel van Limbeek (Tori Amos) and Lester Duval (Producer, Songwriter, Bassist).

“MARDHYS tells unusual and mysterious folk tales with atmosphere, energy, rhythm and enchanting harmonies. They take you on a journey into the long forgotten dark woods and leave you wondering how you will find your way home.” – Simon Gogerly, Grammy Award winning producer

“It is always a pleasure working with Mardhys; the clever arrangements and heart-felt narratives really do transport you into their world, when in rehearsals for studio and live” – Kieron Pepper, Head of Artist Development ACM / Ex-drummer of The Prodigy

Entree €7,50